In 1907 my great-grandfather, Andrea Filippi, moved from Carru, Italy to the United States. He was 16 and alone. With him he brought a sprig or Rosemary from the family farm.  From New York he moved to California where he met his wife, Mary Gemma Gianello who had moved from Genoa, Italy with her family years earlier. Together they opened two restaurants and a hotel. The very same Rosemary that my great-grandfather brought with him from Italy still has roots here in America and was used in many of their recipes, especially the Gravy.

Some of my fondest memories as a child were holidays together, gnocchi making parties and trips to Italy to visit my great-grandfather’s family.   Italian food has always been a great passion of mine and my family has been a huge inspiration to me. Today, I hope to share that passion with you!